Fanto's 1/2 sister Oduscha vom Team Fiemereck receives VA8 at the 2006 Sieger Show.


Aust Champion, Excellent graded in Germany AND Excellent Merit in Australia, Fanto vom Team Fiemereck 'a'Z' BSCL.1.. In Queensland... contact me for further details



(Excellent Merit) Aust. Ch. Fanto vom Team Fiemereck SchH2 a Z Kkl.1 B.S.Cl.1 (imp.Gmy)

Sire:  V Saber v  Steffen-Haus SchH3   Dam:  V Magda v Fiemereck SchH1

Fanto vom Team Fiemereck

FANTO (photo taken, May 2006)

Fanto relaxing at his first major outing in 2004 shortly after coming out of quarantine.

Fanto was imported from Germany in 2004 and was picked because of his lovely producing bloodlines.  His grandfather (on the father's side) being the 1994 German Junior Sieger, Zapp vom Monchberg.  Zapp being by Natz vom Steigerhof who, in his producing days, was producing some of Germany's top animals.  Natz is a bonus is any pedigree.   Fanto is proving what a great producer he is as can be seen by his progeny page.



Fanto's half sister Oduscha vom Team Fiemereck (same mother) who received VA8 at the 2006 German Sieger Show.


Highlights of Fanto's German Survey reads:

Above medium size, strong dog with good topline, good lay and length of croup, very good angulations, balanced chest proportions.  Stands correct in front. Steps correct both front and rear.  Shows very roomy gait.  Confident character, TSB pronounced. Dog releases.  Fanto is 64cm.


Fanto - One week out of quarantine

Fanto (in Germany)

A Fanto son, Masterton Phar Lap

A Fanto daughter, Der Ingolsta Exquisite (NZ)


Fanto swimming 020906 Fanto working 020906

Fanto enjoying a weekend swim and workout.


Fanto_Barnie working in harmony Barnie_Fanto working together

"The maestro" (Barnie) and Fanto working together.



                                 Fanto & Lyn_Res Sieger-160906    Fanto_Res Sieger-160906

Fanto awarded Reserve Sieger @ Qld SBE 16 September 2006 and the grading of Excellent Merit

Handler Lyn McIntosh (Thanks Lyn).

The following year Fanto was awarded State Sieger @ Qld SBE and the grading of Excellent Merit

Fanto leading his progeny group @ nearly 9 years of age, followed by Bobbie at the 2009 National.


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