This is Fanto with his first grandchildren.

Fanto's Progeny

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Masterton Phar Lapp AZ Crossfire Cinder Bella AZ Masterton Tabata Crossfire Connor Macleod
Crossfire Coco Chanel Glenbala Wild Grand Finale AZ Glenbala Flying Witch Glenbala Full Impact AZ

Debbar Gemma AZ Debbar Gismo AZ Debbar Grimous AZ

Andacht Quantum AZ

Masterton Shakeira AZ

Crossfire Cardento (NZ) AZ

Crossfire Chardon Moet

Jonkhara Ruski AZ

Andacht Quina AZ

Winola Scarlet

Crossfire Cameron Diaz AZ

Masterton Wyldfire

Winola Scandal AZ

Winola Scandal AZ

Winola Scandal AZ

Winola Scrabble




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