Crossfire Camelot B.S.Cl. 11
11/6/1988 to 18/10/1995

Cammie was a gift to my Dad from my sister after my Mother passed away and she was extra special as her birthday was actually my parents wedding anniversary.  Cammie was my Dadís best friend as she was a constant companion to my Dad and kept him company while I was at work.  They only had each other until Chantelle came here a couple of years later.  Cammie was never asked to be a show dog but still obtained the grading of Excellent under the world-renowned SV judge, Herr Buss (Gmy). 

Cammie was diagnosed with oral malignant melanoma in January 1995, which was operated on, but the prognosis came back as very poor being the most malignant tumours in dogs.  There was not a lot they could do apart from giving her medication so she did not suffer.  Cammie was put to rest the day after my Dad was buried to put her out of misery, as she would never have wanted to live without my Dad.

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