There were some lovely animals there and we were fortunate enough to be able to watch Quantum Arminius do his work out as well as quite a few others but off course it was a thrill to watch Quantum up close.  The interesting part was that they actually had some youngsters tied to the fence.  This apparently is the normal thing to do as they just sit there and watch and gain confidence.

Lyn McIntosh was the brave person that drove the other vehicle (my goodness she needs a medal).  When you think that here we are in another country, driving on the wrong side of the road, steering wheel on the wrong side of the car, Lyn did an awesome job.  The autobarn is pretty scary with the vehicles whizzing past us as though we were standing still but Lyn just took it in her stride and never faltered – thanks from all of us Lyn. 

We traveled down the Autobarn to get to the hotel and when we went to dinner, at the hotel we were staying at, there were some footballers there celebrating so they were a bit rowdy.  They were singing along and having a great time, drinking quite a bit but they were sensible as they had a bus and the driver wasn’t drinking.  Well we couldn’t let a chance like that go by so we had to join in with some of our Aussie songs.  It would have been great if we could sing but we have to be honest – they did sound better than us but we still had a great time.

The following day (Sunday 29th) we went to a show where Leonhard Schweikert was judging along with Reinhardt Mayer and Rudiger Mai.  Now this was an eye opener.  There was 186 animals entered but it was so casual in as much as while individuals are being done there are other animals (even puppies) being trained in the same ring.  There might be four or five running around the perimeter of the ring while the critique is being done and they just move out of the running area while the dog is actually sent around to do its work out then they come back in.  There were some beautiful animals there.  Out of the winners there were a few that really jumped out at you – Puppy dog winner was a dog called Chuck Criale (Waiko di Casa Massarelli x Xena Criale), Intermediate dog was lovely, his name is Saphir aus Agrigento (Quantum von Arminius x Kamilla vom Romerland) and he went on and received SG43 the following week at the Sieger Show. 

Then there was Intermediate bitch, now she was gorgeous.  Her name is Vana du Val D’Anzin (Flipp von Arlett x Tabata du Val D’Anzin).  This bitch went on and received SG16 the following week at the Sieger Show.  I thought she was awesome till I saw the same handler come into the ring with an open bitch and my mouth nearly hit the floor.  She off course won her class and I was able to get very close and patted them both and got pictures of them both and then I was told “no wonder you like her” she is last year’s reserve Siegerin.  You will probably all know by now that she went on and received this year’s Siegerin award at the Sieger show – her name is Tabata du Val D’Anzin (Ursus von Batu x Ronda du Val D’Anzin), the mother of the Intermediate winning bitch.  Tabata obviously has producing bloodlines as her mother, Ronda du Val D’Anzin, is the 2001 Intermediate Siegerin and she herself produced the beautiful Vana.

The winning open dog was a lovely black and tan dog called Nando vom Gollerweiher (Yello vom St-Michaels-Berg x Zindy vom Bierstadter Hof).  Nando received the grading of VA9 at the Sieger Show so we certainly were blessed to be able to have a sneak preview and see some lovely animals.  2nd place in this class was a dog called Dark von Batu (Chuck von Lust x Jetta von Batu) who achieved V17 the following week.  Another beautiful male received 4th place at this show and went on to receive V34 at the Sieger show, his name is Waiko di Casa Massarelli.


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